Newlyweds Afloat:
Married Bliss and Mechanical Breakdowns While Living on a Trawler

Newlyweds Afloat the memoir of a Chicago bride who gives away her possessions and moves onboard her husband’s boat in downtown Chicago. For two years they face sub-zero winters, the stormy seas of Lake Michigan, wild urban animals and sewage situations, all while learning to live as husband and wife in the hold of a jealous first love – named Mazurka.

Newlyweds Afloat is part travelogue, part how-to, part love story, hashed out in a floating home of about 400 square feet. It’s the travelogue of boating Chicago and the Great Lakes, from harbor festivals and salmon fishing to exploring the current waterways of this world-class city. It’s the how-to guide for any wannabe liveaboard, with directions on how to fix an engine while tied to a mooring can, and survival lessons for what to do when the river freezes, ice locks the hull, and cabin temperature drops to 20 degrees. And it’s the love story of two unlikely partners – a city girl and a “Yooper” – who learn what romance and partnership really mean while living the transient lifestyle.

Published by Breakaway Books. Available in trade paperback and electronic forms.

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