Newlyweds Afloat:
Married Bliss and Mechanical Breakdowns While Living on a Trawler

A Chicago bride gives away her possessions and moves onboard her husband’s boat in downtown Chicago. For two years they face sub-zero winters, the stormy seas of Lake Michigan, wild urban animals, and sewage situations, all while learning to live as husband and wife in the hold of a jealous first love – Mazurka.

“Schneiderhan recounts with humor and skill the story of her transformation from a Chicago apartment dweller to a newly married river rat on Chicago’s waterways. With an eye for the absurd, she reveals the ups and downs, joys and challenges, and day-to-day logistics of living aboard a 38-foot trawler named Mazurka―even in winter. Newlyweds Afloat is full of high-seas drama and flat water reflection plus cats and lots and lots of heart. I could not stop reading it.”
―Julie Buckles, author of Paddling to Winter

“Newlyweds Afloat is a wife’s story of learning to be the other woman, with a man who loves his boat. This detailed account takes an honest look at many of the difficulties of life aboard a trawler, and learning to love his boat as much as he does.”
―Ed Robinson, author of Leap of Faith: Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat

“This witty yet thought-provoking book is her record of that burgeoning relationship, as well as a series of anecdotes about river-living and a well-researched journalistic account of the city’s entire history of such subjects. …both erudite and easily readable, a memoir that digs underneath the surface level of the events being relayed in order to tell a deeper and more poetic story about aging, mid-life surprises, and the unexpected pleasures of living in a radically different way than what the rest of society considers ‘normal.’” –Jason Pettus, Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

“You’re reading and laughing and, whoa, wait a minute. That was a truth bomb. Suddenly, this book catches you by surprise and Schneiderhan makes some pretty courageous revelations. Sure the book is about relationships. And boats. And later about kids. You even come to see Mazurka as a character, and a sturdy one at that.”
―Eric Chandler, author of Outside Duluth

“Her memoir is simultaneously about relationships and boats, and she chronicles the evolution of both with candor and humor.” Soundings For Love of a Classic

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